How to Lose Body Fat Fast - The 650 Pound Virgin Shows You How to Lose Over 410 Pounds in 26 Months!

For those of you wanting to know How To Lose Body Fat Fast, did you manage to catch the TV documentary "The 650 Pound Virgin"? The show aired on Sunday 12th July 2009 and told the story of David Smith.

David had been through a pretty miserable childhood, bullied and picked on at school. He found solace in the form of food. His physical abuse stopped in high school, but the emotional turmoil continued. Tragedy struck as David's mother, the only person he ever showed his emotions to was struck down with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. She battled the disease for 5 whole years, but eventually died.

Unfortunately, this turned David into what he described as an "eating machine". His life basically turned into an eating frenzy and David never ventured outside of the family home! He actually even contemplated suicide. David was going to douse himself in gasoline while sitting in an inflatable swimming pool and then set light to himself.

David turned his life around in 2003 with the help of TV nutritionist and fitness guru, Chris Powell. David also wanted to get over his fear of being seen in public, therefore, his journey was fully documented and made into a TV show.

Chris knew that David's new regime would need a gigantic effort from both of them. David didn't wish to consider surgery as he was scared of dying on the operating table. So it was down to hard work and a strict regime. Chris showed David how to lose body fat fast, but in a safe way. The regime consisted of low fat food and a strict diet one day and then the following day David was allowed to "treat" himself to some of his favourite foods. This is an important point for anyone trying to lose weight or body fat. Rather than making your life a complete misery, you should always have the odd treat day. It does wonders for your motivation and also gives you something to look forward to everyday.

David then followed an exercise plan that included plenty of walking and some light resistance training. Once again a very important point. You don't have to train like a professional athlete, but you should look to do regular cardiovascular and resistance training. The cardio will help burn away excess body fat and the resistance training will help to tone up those unwanted bumps!

David eventually lost a total of 410 pounds in just over 2 years and is now actually a qualified personal trainer. He had stayed away from contact with people for so long, but has now started to get women giving him the eye when they check out his new lean, toned physique!
So if you really want to know how to lose body fat fast, then you should follow the 650 pound virgin's example.

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