Fastest Way To Lose Body Fat In The Comfort Of Your Own Home - How To Burn Fat The Easy Way!

Are you still looking for the fastest way to lose body fat? Have you tried numerous diets and exercise plans but to no avail? Have you gone as far as locking yourself indoors because you don't want anyone to see your unsightly body?

This article will provide you with tips on the fastest way to lose body fat without having to go through the indignity of visiting your local gym.

The first and most important thing you should understand about fat loss is that your metabolism is the most important factor, not so much diet and exercise. Usually a diet plan will involve starving yourself until you give up because you have had enough. Or you start an exercise regime, but your body is aching so much after a couple of days, again you give up!

Please understand that your metabolism is you body's natural fat burning furnace. The higher your metabolic rate, the higher the chances of burning fat. These starvation diets will simply lower your metabolism until it is no longer functioning how it should. This will invariably lead to a weight loss plateau and it won't be long before you pile the pounds back on.

As for exercise, many people seem to think that hours of endless cardio is the fastest way to lose body fat. Once again, your metabolism will not react in the proper way to this form of exercise.

In order to boost your metabolism through eating, you will need to eat a healthy portion of protein. In actual fact protein should take up 40% - 50% of your meals. Therefore half of your plate during mealtimes should be taken up with lean protein, whether that be chicken, fish or eggs. The remainder of your plate will be carbohydrates and essential fats. You will also find that your metabolism slow down as the day goes on. To counteract this, eat less throughout the day. So your largest meal should really be breakfast and your meals will gradually reduce in size throughout the day. Also try not to eat after 7pm.

Your exercise regime needs to have short sharp bursts of exertion followed by a slower, less intense period for the fastest way to lose body fat. This will boost your metabolic rate the correct way. You could do something as simple as jumping to achieve this. Try jumping in the air and getting your knees as close to your chest as possible. Aim for 10 - 50 repetitions depending on your fitness levels and then rest for a minute before repeating again for the desired amount of times (usually 3 - 5). This is a simple form of exercise that you can do in your own home and the benefits will be great!

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